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Terms & Conditions

Use of the website is subject to the terms and conditions. We kindly ask that you carefully read our terms and conditions in order to comprehend our website and its unique features, such as our privacy policy and introduction.

As a member, you are expected to abide by all the terms of the membership agreement. Both the desktop and mobile versions of the Mylibrarywala website and app are available. You are provided with the service on the condition that you accept and agree to the terms of this agreement, which are owned and operated by mylibrarywal. Members accept all things in the terms of use and agree to abide by and are legally bound by them by checking the "I have read and accept the terms of use" box during the registration procedure.

Those guidelines represent one type of agreement between you and mylibrarywala. It is assumed that you are ready to abide by the terms after visiting the Mylibrarywala website and accepting them. If you do not agree to the terms and conditions, you are not permitted to use the website.

The terms and conditions will change as follows:

Mylibrarywala has the absolute discretion to alter the same with or without notifying you.

The modifications are repeatable to view. We will assume that you accept all the terms if you use our website.



You can continue using the book since there are no further costs associated with its renewal or return. You can hold all the books according to the monthly plan you chose, but it is required that you pay the costs each month. Additionally, if you follow a strict and ideal schedule, you can finish all the books in the next month. The member is accountable if a book's pages are damaged, wet, or misplaced, and in severe cases, the member can be required to pay the whole cost of the book.


Unlimited plan:

This package allows for unlimited book reading. This implies that if you place an order for a book before seven o'clock, it will be delivered to your home, and you can place another order for a book the same day.



Your payment schedule will be followed for bills. The bill amount will be deducted from your account according to the monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and annual plans. It will reflect credit as soon as we receive your payment. There are no additional fees. You must only make payments in accordance with your plan. Before your book's due date, you will receive notice. After logging in, you may view and get the personalized text for the same. The plan will automatically renew if it was not renewed before the due date. Both COD and online payment methods will be permitted when choosing and renewing.

Plan Renewal:

Any of your plans will automatically renew after the due date.

You will begin receiving SMS and notifications three days before your due date. 

Damage books:


After thoroughly inspecting the books, we send them all. You must therefore check it as soon as you receive it. The delivery boy will inspect the book as he takes it from you. If any damage was discovered at this time, you will be contacted.

Refund of Deposit:


We will check all of your outstanding debts before returning your money. You will get your refund after 30 days of cancelling your membership. You will receive your deposit back using the following methods: Gpay, Cheque, Phonepay, RTGS, and Account Transfer.

Permanent or temporary account closure:

You can log in and select temporarily close acc if you want to temporarily close your account.

You can select the months you need to close the account for in order for it to be inactive during those months using this option. To activate your account in the future so you can use it again, you must contact our customer service.

Customer service number: